Medicinal treatments

Medicinal pool

In our three medicinal pools there is mineral water with different temperatures containing sodium-hydrogen-carbonate. The length of time that one can stay in the water is 15-30 minutes considering the general state of the patient, the temperature of the water and graduality.


Medicinal tub-bath

This treatment takes place in a one-man tub. This spa-therapy treatment is prepared and supervised by our balneotherapists.


Tangentor (underwater jet massage)

Tangentor treatments are done in two rooms by skilled staff. This treatment is carried out in a tub, where we massage the body of the patient with either medicinal or tap water. This massage accelerates the circulation of the blood and relaxes the muscle system.


Hydroxeur (jacuzzi)

We use this treatment in case when the manual massage cannot be used, or we need another massage effect. Bubbles that are produced in the jacuzzi make a turbulence that massages the whole body. It is a feeling of ease.


Carbonated bath

Carbonated bath is mostly suggested as the complementary treatment of the disorders of the cardiovascular system and osteoporosis, only with the indication of a doctor. The gas bubbles floating in the water improve the circulation of the blood.

Contraindications: cardiac failure, gangrene, leg ulcer, phlebitis and danger of embolism.


Underwater group gymnastics

Patients can do different exercises suggested by gymnastics instructors (concerning their diagnosis) according to our timetable, taking account of the contraindications.


Weight bath

Patients are suspended in a medicinal pool with suitable equipment at their neck or armpit, depending on the suggestion of the doctor. During suspension we place weights around the waist or onto the ankles that is how we mobilize the joints and the spine.

It can be advantageously applied for the disorders of the discs and also for stretching rigidity of the hip and the knees. In our weight bath pool we can treat 4 patients at the same time.


Gymnastics in small groups

Guests are divided up into groups by the doctor’s diagnosis according to their problems and states. In a group there are 3-4 patients with the same problems who can learn all the exercises that help to improve their condition with the supervision and assistance of a physiotherapist.

Within a group, surrounded by other people with the same problems it is much easier to overcome the difficulties and do the exercises.

(It is worth learning and doing the exercises at home as well.)


Therapeutic massage

These treatments are done by medicinal masseurs in six rooms by the doctor’s instructions. It has a remedial and rehabilitation supporting effect, and can be associated with other physiotherapeutical treatments and therapeutic gymnastics. Medicinal massage can be applied on the whole body or just on the adequate, aching bodypart. Its target is to improve the circulation of blood, and it also has a relaxing and pain-relieving effect. The essence of this massage is that by the applying of the touching, rubbing and massaging movements the physiological processes accelerate, the circulation of blood improves, this way intensifying the relaxing, energising and vitalising effect.



Mud pack

We use medicinal mud of Hévíz (containing 80% of organic and 20% of inorganic compounds). This mud is rich in minerals that detoxifies the skin and the whole body, accelerates the circulation of blood, recovers the missing minerals and also regenerates and tightens the skin.

The organic compounds, e.g. humic acids, have the effect of loosening the stiffened muscle system, regenerating the joints, reducing/preventing inflammations that can be intensified by the temperature storing properties of the mud.

During treatment, the mud is placed directly onto the skin at the correct temperature that is very effective for chronic rheumatic complaints. This treatment can only be applied after the doctor’s medical examination and instructions.

Mud treatments take place in four separated rooms with the assistance of our skilled staff.


Physiotherapeutic treatments, such as electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy and laser therapy take place in three rooms (2 beds/room) with the assistance of our skilled staff.



In this treatment, with the help of the galvanic current we apply different medicines and minerals into the body through the skin. The most frequently used medicines are anti-inflammatories, but in the cases of former fractures it can help in the supplying of calcium as well.



This electrotherapeutical treatment has the effects of loosening the muscles, smoothening muscle contractions, relieving pain and reducing inflammations, most frequently right next to the spinal cord, but it can be applied on any body parts. Besides the improving of the circulation of blood it improves the oxygen supply of the tissues.

Interference with vacuum: the beneficial effect of the current completed with a little vacuum results micromassage effect and intensified muscle loosening.


Diadynamic current therapy

An electrotherapeutical treatment that uses the different forms of the current which can be adapted to the quality of the locomotor diseases. The doctor chooses the appropriate one out of the different currents. Its effects can be, depending on the form of the current, reducing oedema, relieving of pain and reducing inflammation. It is perfect for iontophoresis in any forms. Most frequently it is used in the cases of bruises, strains, degenerative joint, spine and disc disorders.


TENS treatment

It has an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and muscle relaxing effect through the stimulation of the nerves. It can be applied in acute and chronic cases as well.


Selective stimulus current treatment

It can be applied for the regeneration of the inappropriately functioning weakened or paralysed muscle system.

Most frequently we use this treatment in the case of acute disorders, in post-operative rehabilitation, but it is effective in the case of chronic disorders as well, eg. for the prevention of muscular dystrophy.


Galvanic current treatment

This treatment has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect, it improves the irritability of the nerves and it has been a successfully applied treatment for vasoconstriction as it also has a vasodilator effect. It does not only support the circulation of blood but helps in ossification as well.


Electrical muscle stimulation

This treatment uses the positive effects of oscillation going deep into the tissues that is caused by the throbbing electrostatic field. The therapist uses his/her hands in special gloves or a manual applicator for this treatment. This improves the metabolic processes of the tissues and the disappearing of local oedemas, accelerates the lymph-circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, relaxes the muscle system and increases mobility.


Ultrasound treatment

Ultrasound uses the positive effects of lymph-massage that is how it speeds up blood flow, heats and relaxes the treated area. This treatment relieves pain and alleviates muscle stiffness. It increases the oxygen supply of the treated area thus speeding up the regenerative processes.


Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is applied to recharge energy into the cells of the human body with the help of a lightly pulsating magnetic field. This way the metabolic and regenerative processes of the cells are being normalized.

One of its most important effects is that it increases ossification, even around implants. Moreover, it also improves the microcirculation of the tissues, by increasing their oxygen supply.

During the treatment the patient is relaxing in a bed.


Laser therapy

The low-energy laser irradiation has a pain relief, inflammation reducing, immune modulating and bio-stimulating effect; it increases the regeneration of tissues.

It is perfect for the relieving of pain caused by tennis elbow, rotator coat syndrome, heel spurs, tendonitis and osteoporosis.


Complex spa treatment

It includes minimum 4 different spa treatments (eg. medicinal pool + any of the physiotherapeutical treatments) that can be resorted after a medical examination. In our day-hospital our guests can relax and recover in a calm environment in 14 two-bed suites between the treatments. The doctor of the bath complex runs medical records of the patients, visits them, nurses run bed head boards, measure blood pressure twice a day and supervise patients through the day. Complex treatment is available for 56 patients a day, for five hours in two shifts.