We created the Napfényfitness Loyalty Club for our regular Guests, who consistently visit our fitness centre during the accentuated period (16. June - 31. August). We guarantee for them the ordinary prices and hours, when they can come to enjoy the services of Napfényfitness.

In the summer time the opening of the SZUE beach comes with a high price rising, and restriction of the fitness centre visiting time.

The members of the Napfényfitness Loyalty Club - if they activate their membership - can buy on the most favorable prices the fitness season tickets or the additional fitness occasions to the season ticket of bath complex.


How can you become a member of the club?

- buy a fitness season ticket (Unlimited 30 days; 10 entries 35 days season ticket) at least 3 times between the next dates: 1. January - 31. May 2017.

- or buy additional fitness occasions aside to a bath complex's season ticket (at least 30 occasions from the 1. January - 31. May 2017.),

- or buy any type of the bath complex's season ticket which is valid from September 2017., and you will be entitle to become a member of Loyalty Club.


How can you activate your membership?

You should send us an e-mail from the 15th May 2017.

For the activation please send us the informations, what you gave us during the registration (name, address, date of birth, registration number) to the next e-mail address: and our collegue will send you your number of the membership in 2 days, which entitles you on the same, favorable prices to enjoy  Napfényfitness and SZUE (leisure, training, swimming pool, sauna), swimming, medicinal, wellness pools, sauna- and steam chamber, adventure pools, the use of baby-mummy world and the playhouse.

About more details please ask personally our collegues at the information desk of Napfényfitness, or call us on the next phonenumber: 06-62/566-488.

For our Guests, who don't want to take advantage of the membership benefits, we created a new type of season ticket:

Summer weekday afternoon fitness season ticket for adults and students, which entitles to the use of fitness centre and the bath complex on weekdays from 5 PM during the validity time.

We didn't forget our Guests, those who occupied during the daytime!

You can enjoy the experience of late afternoon sport with our Evening fitness ticket every weekday from 8 PM until closing.

For more informations please feel free to contact our collegues or visit the webpage of our season tickets.