Tickets, prices


The time limit for the 3-hour admission ticket is understood from the time the ticket was purchased until the ticket (bracelet) is handed over. If you buy a time-limited ticket, +20 minutes are available to use the changing rooms.


- Admission is free of charge for children between the ages of 0-4.

- Concessions for children and junior persons are given only upon presenting a valid personal ID card or other official certificates. In the absence of proof of age, the discount on the full price cannot be guaranteed.

- Concessions for retired people are given upon presenting a valid Pensioner's card.

- Children under 14 can only enter the bath complex accompanied by an adult.

- Admission to the Forrás Spa only above the age of 16.

- Discount percentages do not apply to time overrun rates.

- In case of children’s swimming classes, the adult supervisor is provided with a visitor ticket, valid for the time of the swimming classes and allowing admission only to the pools. Visitor tickets cost HUF 350 and are valid for up to 120 minutes. If exceeding that period or using the services of the spa (locker room, pools), the visitor shall be charged with the full price for the given period (morning, afternoon) before leaving the site.



Prices are valid from 15 January 2024. All our prices are in Hungarian Forint and include VAT.

Our prices are valid until cancellation!

We reserve the right to change our service's price at any time without further notice.

wellness massage for 2 - any of our oily or cosmetic massages (50 min)